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Nabil has a strong association to the formwork industry, backed by over 20 years of experience. Nabil has taken charge of innovation, enhancing our company systems for optimum management. He has directed the delivery of numerous monumental and award-winning projects, pioneering formwork contracts for major industry leaders. Nabil founded Future Form, with the ambition of creating a dynamic company providing excellence in formwork and innovative industry solutions. At the core of Nabil’s inherent principals include honesty, integrity and transparency, his vision of delivering high-calibre projects is the product of a sustainable future for his clients and team.
Nabil Hafza
Managing Director
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Backed by a wealth of experience, Ibrahim has adopted a proactive problem-solving approach to work and leadership. With a sharp eye for detail, exceptional knowledge of construction processes and procedures and a wealth of on-site experience, Ibrahim leads all divisions to drive effective delivery of a project ensuring they manage the individual components of the project and their team to empower efficient results. Along with his many years of construction management experience, his well- honed skills have also shaped Future Forms direction of improving and integrating company and formwork system’s for effective project delivery. Ibrahim is on the fore front of our projects and planning execution teams, ensuring the most suitable outcome for both our clients and our company.
Ibrahim Hafza
Construction Manager
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With an extensive amount of experience leading numerous teams successfully, Yasmin is the COO of the Future Form Group. Her multiple years of experience in senior management have seen her tackle the most difficult of obstacles, resulting in successful outcomes for not only herself, but the businesses she has led. Yasmin oversees the day to day operations of the company and is involved in all key decision-making processes that involve the company. It is her mission to make sure the company continues to see immense progress and success.
Yasmin Hafza
Chief Operating Officer
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With multiple years in Work, Health and Safety, Greg's in depth knowledge and safety first attitude has ensured that each and every single one of our projects have resulted in safe, as well as successful outcomes. Greg is constantly innovating and finding ways to optimise the safety and security of all workers on site.
Greg Rogers
WHSE Manager
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Having led multiple teams to deliver some of the biggest projects in NSW and the ACT, Mohamad has amassed a plethora of experience and incredible accolades under his belt. The teams he leads consistently produce successful outcomes and play a major part in the growth of the company.
Mohamad Masri
Project Manager
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Backed by a span of over 25 years experience in accounting and finance, combined with her speciality in construction finance empowers Viviane to effectively oversee and strategically manage Future Form’s Accounting & Finance team. Her strategic and hands-on approach is a key contributing influence to recognising the company’s growth potential.
Viviane Boswell
Head of Finance
Bashar is a seasoned Project Manager with a passion for driving innovative solutions across NSW and the ACT. As a pivotal member of the Future Form team, Bashar excels in orchestrating complex projects from conception to completion, ensuring seamless execution and exceeding client expectations. With over 30+ years of industry experience, he is known for his innovative approach to projects. Bashar is always conscious of budgets and consistently over-delivers, regardless of the obstacles presented.
Bashar Maarabani
Project Manager
Travis is a dynamic Project Manager with a knack for delivering results in fast-paced environments, Travis is a driving force behind the success of projects undertaken by our team. He has a well-respected name in the industry, boasting over 30+ years of experience. Travis has a recorded history of innovating and consistently delivering jobs on time and well within budget. Bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, Travis specialises in orchestrating multifaceted projects with finesse and efficiency. His strategic approach to project management ensures that timelines are met, budgets are adhered to, and quality is never compromised.
Travis Carter
Project Manager
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Why Future Form?

Our commitment to providing the best solutions to our clients and a safe workplace to our employees has seen us successfully deliver projects that have shaped the skyline of Sydney. Future Form’s expertise resides in the quality of work demonstrated in our commercial and multi-level residential construction projects. Optimising the outcome and productivity of every job is our most valued trait, guided by a safety-first culture, wise leadership and innovation.

Our team consists of qualified trade professionals who are led by highly-experienced management teams with combined industry experience of over 200 years.