Forming Castle Residences

by | Dec 8, 2021 | News

At Future Form, we have been providing reliable formwork solutions for various projects across NSW for more than two decades. Regardless of the size, length, or complexity of the project, our experienced team has successfully delivered formwork solutions while overcoming any challenges that arise.

Formwork Solutions for the Castle Residences Project

One of our recent notable projects was the Castle Residences, a prestigious development located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. This impressive structure comprises 36 stories with 131 luxurious Manhattan-style residences. Designed to evoke the elegance and heritage of the Porter House Hotel, it offers a range of amenities such as a concierge, hotel gym, pool, meeting rooms, housekeeping services, restaurants, and a theater.

In collaboration with Hutchinson’s Builders, we were entrusted with the responsibility of providing formwork solutions for this iconic project. Given its prominent CBD location, we strived to create formwork designs that were not only reliable but also innovative and visually striking.

Innovative Formwork Designs

After months of meticulous design and planning, our team developed exceptional formwork designs that perfectly complemented the Castle Residences’ architectural vision. These designs have now been successfully implemented and are nearing completion, ready to be showcased to the public. Here are some glimpses of the facades and designs we brought to life:

Overcoming Challenges and Ensuring Timely Completion

Commencing formwork on the Castle Residences in November 2019, our project encountered numerous obstacles along the way. These challenges included multiple COVID-19 lockdowns, limited supplies, and various contingencies. Initially, we were concerned that these circumstances would bring our formwork to a halt and delay the project.

However, thanks to the collective expertise and resilience of our team, we persevered through two state lockdowns, implemented necessary COVID-19 protocols, and ensured the timely completion of the project. Our extensive experience in overcoming formwork-related obstacles played a crucial role in successfully navigating these challenging circumstances. Here are glimpses of our team ensuring the formwork meets the highest standards:

Anticipated Completion and Project Showcase

The Castle Residences is on track to be finalized in early 2022, adhering to the projected timeline set at the project’s commencement in 2019. Our team has exceeded expectations on this prestigious project, and we eagerly await the opportunity to share the grand features and architectural marvels of the Castle Residences with the public.

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